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How much Flooring should I order?
We recommend that after calculating the area to be covered, an additional amount of wood should be ordered. This may be for wastage from cutting, or to enable selection of individual boards according to taste. The first step is to measure the space the floor is being laid in.
Can I fit a wood floor directly to concrete?
When installing a floor over a concrete or screed subfloor, you have a few options:
The most common method is to bond directly to the sub floor. However, not all flooring types are suitable for this method. The next method is to float an engineered floor on an underlay. However, not all floors can be floated. The third method is to create a wooden subfloor, with either plywood or with battens bonded to the concrete or screed.
What is a floating floor?
A floating floor is a floor of engineered boards (excluding parquet woodblocks) that is put on top of an underlay and not physically fixed to an existing substrate.
Do I need underlay for my floor?
Underlay is the term for material laid between the subfloor and the floor. Underlay is useful for stability, insulation, sound reduction and moisture protection. They are commonly used for floating wood floors. Fixed floors are fixed directly to the subfloor, so do not usually incorporate an underlay.
How can I reduce noise with wooden Flooring?
When buying your wood floor, sound reduction is an important factor to consider. Depending on the type of property you’re fitting a floor in, you might want to reduce the noise that you hear when walking around. Noise reduction is achieved by using underlay. We can supply a range of underlays to suit your needs.