The latest trend in interior design, stair cladding is the new way to enhance your staircase. Essentially, stair cladding is a form of engineered wood flooring that clips over the stairs like a veneer. So what are the benefits of having stair cladding in your home?

Stair cladding can transform the whole aesthetic

If you current staircases look old, worn down or simply too old-fashioned, then installing stair cladding could be the solution you’re after. Although there are many choices of cladding available, stair cladding is an easy and cheaper way to breathe a new lease of life into your hallways and landings.

It’s versatile

The majority of places that stock stair cladding stock it in a variety of shapes. This means that whether your home has a wider flight, straight flight, kite winder stairs or mid-landing stairs, there’s probably a type of cladding to fit it. As sometimes carpets can be hard to trim, to fit a staircase shape, stair cladding is a great, simpler alternative!

Stair cladding is easy to install

Leading on from the previous point in more detail, stair cladding is incredibly easy to install. Most types of stair cladding are able to simply be glued onto your existing staircase, ensuring a tight fit. This tight fit means that the cladding is unlikely to come off for a long time – which leads us onto the next point…

It’s a safer alternative to other stair decors

Because cladding is a stair overlay with very little slip against the original staircase, it’s also one of the safest types of stair decoration. Whereas carpet can become loose over time, start to fray and start to lose its original grip, stair cladding is less likely to succumb to damage. As well as this, if your staircase is old and decaying, then wooden cladding can, in fact, strengthen the original structure, making it more sound and safe to walk on.

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